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Seasonal Maintenance

Jacksonville Brothers Tree Service Offers Seasonal Maintenance Services

Welcome to Jacksonville Brothers Tree Service serving Jacksonville, North Carolina, and neighboring areas for complete tree care solutions. Being a locally owned and run tree care business, we take great satisfaction in offering the best Seasonal Maintenance services to maintain your trees' health, safety, and year-round beauty for generations to come.

Jacksonville Brothers Tree Service.  Photo shows - Corticine from which this blue color is derived is common in many species of fungi.

Above: A deseased tree can be saved with the proper treatment. 

Canopy Thinning in Summer is good for your trees, your lawn, and your yard. When thinning the canopy you can create better airflow.
We will take care of all weak and dead branches, removing them and allowing sunlight to get to your yard. Doing this will help your trees, your lawn, and your yard. Also, making sure the trees are pruned will help in case of a storm. Overgrown trees will become unstable, both in the limbs and the roots. If this happens it can cause the trees to possibly fall or cause limbs to fall.  Properly trimming your trees will prevent this. 


Fall Leaf Removal:
Call us for Fall leaf removal. We can clear your area of all leaves clearing your lawn and yard. While some leaves are good for mulching your lawn, piles of leaves allowed to decay can cause damage. The more sunlight and water your lawn receives, the better for it. Clearing leaves promptly is important. Feel free to call us for your needs. 

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